10 Amazing Tips For Success


We all strive for success in one form or another. We wish for a successful family life or a relationship that is thriving. We want success in good health practices and of course in our business and in our finances.

The great thing is that there are practices we can do and focus on to create more success in our life.

Here is an awesome list of 10 Amazing Tips For Success that I am super happy to share with you.

By becoming aware of these aspects, they will help you in assigning your precious time to activities that will bring you greater success in all areas of your life.


1. Live An Extraordinary Life


‘Draw a line in the sand and make a decision. I’m going to live in a beautiful state and I’m going to see beauty in all that life throws at me.’ These inspiring words came from a great man, Anthony Robbins.

I believe that an extraordinary life always begins with how You choose to steer your mind through your life. By making that decision to live your best life, to walk through life as your best self and to help and support others as you thrive.

This is what creates your Extraordinary Life. Live It, Breathe It, Love It!


2. Create A Mission


This has got to come from the heart and it’s ultimately got to be for the benefit of others. Living your mission in all areas of life will help you in living a fulfilled life and that is much more powerful than living a happy life for yourself.

When we are driven by a mission or purpose in life, it’s like our life is saturated with vitality. Our mission doesn’t have to be world transforming but by creating a strong intention within ourselves that What We Do has a positive impact on other people, we are creating the foundations for a very successful life for ourselves.


3. Race With Your Passion


Integrating What You Do with What You Love is a classic recipe for success. You will be empowered to create and build something with excitement and genuine enthusiasm. You will emit a natural authority in your field because you love what you learn and share and to others that is highly appealing.


4. Give Something Back


Providing Value is the cornerstone of any successful business in today’s world. If you’re not invested in consistently trying to give more back than you take then you’re barking up the wrong tree for success longevity.

By assigning time to create and share things that have a positive impact on others, we are ultimately creating positive relationships, gaining authority and revealing ourselves as service providers, all of which are beneficial to a successful business and life.


5. Don’t Wait For Tomorrow!


Procrastination, Fear, Worry. These are not the traits of a successful entrepreneur. They are however common traits of human beings. Most of us go about our daily lives hopping about from one of these aspects to another.

The real truth is that we Can design our life, we Can steer our thought patterns, we Can bend our reality and we Can choose to take a deep breath, jump on board the positive train and Go For It.

Success in life and in business is not an impossible, unattainable path. It is in fact quite the opposite. But it does require our effort and action. So stand up, Know that you Can make your life amazing and get to work.


6. Bring Teachers Into Your World


What I mean by ‘teachers’ are people who assist, guide and educate you to empower yourself. People who inspire you and mentors who help you attain the knowledge and skills to continuously improve yourself and your life.

You will find that nearly all successful people attribute their success and much of the knowledge they share from people who have shown them the way through their own success.

Take the time to seek out and learn from other successful people. Absorb books, videos and blog posts and if you can find systems and mentors that you can learn directly from, all the better.


7. Communities Thrive


If you have a support group in the business you are building or in the life you are living, then success is a great deal easier to manifest. Community support is so valuable in generating momentum and picking you up when you’re lagging, feeling overwhelmed or are having a specific issue that is stopping you from progressing.

Find systems and groups within your field and your interests so that you can communicate with like minded people on a similar path. You will find that people are genuinely helpful and supportive and you can create connections, move each other forward and share vulnerabilities.


8. Master The Art Of Persuasion


The term Selling often has negative feelings associated with it. If you think about it, we try to sell to or persuade others across most aspects of our lives. By understanding the principles of what attracts people and how to communicate with others to guide them on a path that benefits you both in a positive way is a handy skill to have.

There are real tips and practices that we can educate ourselves with to improve our abilities in the Art Of Persuasion. For consistent success it is advisable to master at least some of them.


9. Access The Wider World


Take a look at the world’s successful people. Do you think that they run around fulfilling all the multitude of tasks that make up their successful life each day?

Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day and the answer to being more productive with success is called delegation or outsourcing.

In today’s world you don’t need huge funds or resources to outsource individual elements of a successful business. In fact pretty much all aspects can be easily outsourced, leaving you the time and energy to focus on the things that you love and help you to thrive.


10. Become Unstoppable


Being Resilient, choosing to be a No Matter What person, understanding that obstacles are simply opportunities to learn and that there is no such thing as failure, just personal growth. These are all mind states. They are essentially our decision to perceive our world and circumstances in a particular way.

Bad stuff happens to everyone, it’s inevitable and nobody has a free pass. It’s called life. So making the choice to power forward with your mission, your Why, what you give to the world, your life and your business, instead of being overcome by the challenges and the physical and mental road blocks. This is inspiring to you AND to others. This is what creates success.



Thanks for your time in reading this.

To your success and happiness.

Sebastian :)


Sebastian Bio Image BeataSebastian is a creative and innovative artist and designer and a new age entrepreneur of our exploding digital age. He is a caring father of his twin daughters Atiya and Caira and loving husband to Beata. He is adept in core digital skills, photography and digital creativity. He is a practitioner of daily Yoga, meditation and inner development and is passionate about learning diverse life skills and transformational personal improvement practices. He has spent many years developing a unique series of active sensory dynamic chairs to contribute to the evolution of the human sitting experience. He is passionate for nature, life and all that which inspires the human spirit to lift up to glorious heights and unite people in Our global enduring quest to sustain this beautiful world for us all to share.