The Mind Is Not a Vessel to Be Filled, But a Fire to Be Kindled” – Plutarch


Self-Empowered -deriving the strength to do something through one’s own thoughts and based on the belief that one knows what is  best for oneself. Taking charge of your own life. – From

I guess I never thought of myself as self-empowered, I didn’t even think about it or consciously knew how to be self-empowered  really until not that long ago. Now though, when I look back and understand the meaning of it I must say that many times in my life I was.

In spite of what I had been told by my parents and school I went my own way and rebelled many times against all odds. I made my own choices, planted dreams, let them grow and many of them I made come true.

However in the past couple of years I felt rather down and loosing control over my life. I looked for help in many books and online training, personal development programs and teachings. I looked for help inside myself. I found out that the most important and simple steps of How to Be Self-Empowered are:



10 Tips On How To Be Self-Empowered


1. Believe in Your Self – don’t let anyone to tell you that you don’t deserve to be happy and free.

2. Choose every new day upon waking up to have positive and happy thoughts – Set a positive intention for your day. Say to yourself aloud: Today something wonderful is going to happen!

3. Be grateful for all good in your life – appreciate all that you already have and choose to see beauty in every thing and every one.

4. Repeat daily positive affirmations – such as: “I am strong, powerful, beautiful, healthy and happy. I deserve to have the best in life.”

5. Meditate daily – brain science proves that through active meditation we enter an alpha state of mind, where we can control and re-program our thought patterns.


6. Exercise daily to keep healthy and fit – it will help the energy flow through your body. I practice Kundalini Yoga every day, it includes stretching, breathing, meditation and mantras.

7. Eat healthy clean food and cleanse your body regularly – look up the “dirty dozen” for organic vegetables, fast as often as you can, refrain from processed food.

8. Eliminate your limiting beliefs – our beliefs are imprints evolved into a set of expectations usually programmed at a very young age, they help to ground our understanding of the world, they are deep gritted guidelines that direct our lives. Decide which of them limit you and don’t serve you and which not. I personally found a tremendous help in learning the Silva Life System.

Harry Alder says: “Every small change at the root level of belief will produce amazing changes in behaviour and performance”.


9. Focus on your goal and own it – be clear about what you want and state it in a positive tense, think about the details of your goal, make sure that you can do it on your own, don’t loose the appreciation for all good that’s already there in your life and finally think about how your outcome will affect you and the world around you.

“Obstacles are these frightful things you see when you take your eyes of the goal” – Henry Ford.


10. Create your Blueprint for success, your Meta Story – I strongly recommend Stuart Lichtman’s Lots Of Money for Anything Fast, which is part of the curriculum with The SFM – Six Figure Mentors & DEA – Digital Experts Academy.


I hope that these 10 Tips On How To Be Self-Empowered and my own experience gives you some ideas.  Many of them you probably know and do already anyway, unconsciously like I did in the past.



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Beata-Tworek-CannonBeata was born and grew up in Poland. At the age of 21 she moved to Germany and then eight years later to the UK. She is a passionate entrepreneur driven by burning desire to raise awareness about what we are truly capable of as humans and together with like-minded people, create a better sustainable world for the future generations. She is a mother to two beautiful girls, identical twins Atiya and Caira and wife to Sebastian. She is a Holistic Therapist and Kundalini Yoga practitioner. She is intensively learning and implementing healthy nutrition and natural healing in her family life with great success. She loves traveling and exploring new cultures and meeting new people, fascinated by the diversity and beauty in the world. She is extremely dedicated to inspire others to make their dream come true too.