You want to overcome your fears… Let’s start there. You’re sure of that.



You’re an intelligent, capable human being.



But you fear.



And sometimes you panic.



I also know about this…



My name is Sebastian. I am 39. I am a father, a husband and a recovering fear addict.



And you know what?…



I’ve learned some valuable insights that I would love to share with you. Because they just may help.



Because I know just how hard it can be, living with panic attacks.






Lesson 1



When we panic, about 20 million billion neurons in our brain are all firing off simultaneously every single second. They are traveling at close to the speed of light across channels (bridges) that are so unimaginably tiny and perfect in their structure that it’s almost unimaginable.

These neurons could be firing across any number of infinitely miraculous bridges. But many of them are, in our moments of panic, traveling across some very specifically built connections.

Let’s call them our ‘bridges of fears.’

Bridges that both you and I created and strengthened through events in our life, every time our bodies and minds embraced a fearful thought, emotion and event.

Fear for our health, fear of lack of money, fear of failing. Thoughts of dying. Too early. Disease. Suffering. Leaving our children and loved ones too soon. Leaving them behind.

Fearful thoughts come. Our bodies react. We are in a mode of panic.






And honestly….I hate it.



Every time. I hate it. I Want Freedom from it.



There have been times I have prayed. There have been moments when my body became so ridged and cold that I genuinely feared for my life. I passed out one time whilst holding one of my twin daughters when she was only a few months old. My wife was terrified. She thought I was dead and called an ambulance. I could have permanently damaged my own precious child, or worse.



Paralysis like symptoms are very rare and never permanent. But they can happen because our mind can invent a story so fearful that it can paralyze us or even shut off areas of our brain. That’s what happened to me.



But I’m here to share something powerful with you.



We CAN do something about this my friend ….



And I know that you know this.



Because you have overcome your fears and panic attacks too. Every time.



You’ve just not understood how to beat them permanently yet.





So what if I could share with you a secret?



What if I could share with you three things that could change that game for us forever…



Would you be interested?










Here’s lesson 1:



When you wake up…. ‘Smile brightly.’



The very moment that you become conscious into the day…. Smile. From ear to ear.



For three solid minutes.



Dr. Hon and his team from the medical institute in Xiantao in China, spent several decades conducting a worldwide study, visiting many countries, tribes, communities and groups across the globe surveying one single crucially important thing….

– How the first thoughts of our day affect the rest of our day . 

One of the reasons why the study took so long and required such a vast catalog of volunteers, was that there was such a huge number of variables in conducting such an analysis.

But he returned to his homeland in late 2010 with over 1.3 million in-depth case studies.

And his findings proved to be indisputably astonishing.

The team concluded unequivocally that the thoughts we chose to have in the first three minutes of our day, have a comparative influence over our general emotions for up to three hours of the rest of our day.

…That’s incredible.





(Our daughter – Atiya – one week after her heart operation.)




What we spend such an immense amount of energy on for even a single hour of each day. Emotionally and Physically. The time, the money, the sacrifices to our health, the Fear.



How all of that…we can measure against the first three minutes of our conscious day.



If that doesn’t give us motivation to choose to act with some wisdom for those first few minutes. Then I don’t know what can.



And let me share with you.



Since I started this technique of Smiling, from ear to ear. Even when my body and thoughts are trying to fire off a avalanche of negative reactions.



Even when I absolutely Don’t feel like smiling…



….. Still, the effect (or reaction) of smiling has already been ingrained within our neural programming, embedded into our brains over our lifetime. We’ve literally hard-wired ourselves to feel Ok when we physically smile.



So we can learn to fight our fear by playing the same game.



If we’ve spent a lifetime making bridges to happiness. We might as well use them to help us.







Know this…



Fear causes all kinds of ….. damage.



We need to overcome it.



This is important.





Lesson 2:



I learned this one from one of my good mentors Ilan. I believe it to be the missing piece of the puzzle for me.

And the lesson comes back to…how do I KNOW, without a doubt, what bridges our neurons are firing across, when we panic?

Because when we panic… we are focusing on our fears.

Therefore our neurons ‘have to be’ firing across our bridges of fears.

This is why we are in a state of panic.

Now you already know this. But what can we DO to overcome it?

If we found the motivation to meditate more…

Our minds would be stronger and we would be able to ‘focus’ our attention for longer.

This would make things easier for us for sure.

But most of the time we don’t, do we. Not consistently anyway. Not yet.

So the only way is to have something powerful to focus on.

Something that can hold our attention and change our physical state, until we regain control over our Positive Mental State.



This is what frees us from our fear.



Our Positive Mental State.



But it’s not the whole story…



So what can we focus on?



Genuine Gratitude is perfect.



But when we panic, sometimes we need a powerful Body and Mind exercise to reign in those parts of ourselves that neither just exercise, nor just ‘thinking ‘can tame.








Sebastian with the girls on the rock




Here’s lesson 2:






4 Seconds slowly In.



4 Seconds Hold



4 Seconds slowly Out



4 Seconds Hold






Your mind will try to grab you at the first step of the first cycle.






Get to the second step.



The neurons in our brain are battling to fire across these bridges of fears, these ingrained connections, firing panic through our bodies.



But Now you have a weapon.



You can restructure your bridges. Form new stronger ones not based on fear.



You have power. You are habitually incredible.



Use these skills wisely against your panic.








Just like the pattern you learned…



. 4 Second rhythms.






Continue until you have regained your Positive Mental State.



That tool alone can save your life.







Don’t NEVER Try This!




Lesson 3:



The 3rd lesson is the most powerful.



The 3rd lesson comes with a price-tag…



Lasting Freedom.



The 3rd lesson Can only be about YOU.

YOU are the one who chooses how to create and live your life. No one else.

YOU are the only one with the power to change your story and change your focus, to focus on things that are positive, and hopeful, and empowering, and uplifting.

And it is only YOU that has the gift to consistently choose to step into your Unique greatness.

This is where the real, lasting Freedom from our Fears exists.

In striving to be our best self… For the good of everyone else.

Now it’s true, that that’s way too much for most people to handle.

Too much uncertainty.

Most people settle for a mediocre life…Not an extraordinary one.

Most people live with their fears… And never truly overcome them.





Us together




But that’s why you’re different.



Because you know that you want Freedom.



And now you know what you have to do to truly get it…



You know how important it is. For your children. For the ones you love the most. For yourself.



And you know that there is only one chance to make it happen. One single life.



And it’s not worth giving that one chance away to let fear run you into the ground.



You’re far more powerful than that.



You don’t even know your full potential.



But you have the insight to find out…





“My journey through fear is a personal one. But I’ve found that the single greatest consistent force I have on my side, to combat and genuinely overcome my panic attacks, anxiety and general fears… is the new determination to live my best life. To work towards giving my children, my wife and my own body and mind the best chance at a great life and to help others in the process.”



This kind of purposeful focus, and I know this from hundreds of other similar stories from the people in our entrepreneurial community, gives great inner power to their meaning in life.



It’s truly liberating to be on a journey of self-discovery, self-worth and self-belief.



To be on a mission to master valuable knowledge, be successful and act with a heart of leadership, confidence and character.



Focusing on Gratitude will get you a very long way to overcoming fears as they arise.



When we are wholeheartedly focused upon genuine Gratitude, then fear and suffering has a hard time breaking us down.






But creating an extraordinary life for yourself.



Becoming the best version of yourself and living a healthy, thriving, abundant life…



What could be more Freeing than that.





I know that the community I came across has supported me in my growth and understanding.

I know that the skills and knowledge I have learned from the education there has helped me on the path to creating that security and abundance I seek.

I know that without the mentor-ship and guidance I have received, I would not be here now, sharing something positive with you.



These opportunities are open to everyone.



It’s just the bold and brave-hearted visionaries that take those opportunities.


I wish for you Freedom from your Fears always friends.


With warm gratitude.