Here are some things we like to create…


So we can say that ‘we are in the process’ of bringing together a series of artisan products from the land here to trade.

Anything from honey from our ‘soon-to-be’ honey bees to wizarding wands made from olive wood from the lovely trees here. Lavender oil, winter remedies, sculpting clay and hand crafted gifts too will all be  available under our ‘Ahimsa Sanctuary’ brand.  

Dot Painting Rocks

As a family we have fallen in love with dot painting and have spent wonderful days painting colourful dots in organic and geometric designs on beach rocks.

Wecall them ‘gratitude stones’

Check out our Etsy shop ‘The Dotting Family’ by clicking the link below and have a look at the kind of treasures we create.

Soul Tracker

Beata is a beautifully talented craftswoman and as her husband I can wholehearted share that the things she makes are both beautiful and crafted with love.

Visit her Etsy shop by clicking the link below and you can browse the elegant cauldron of objects she creates.

My personal favourite are the kids pixie tops that she’s threaded together.