5 Top Tips To Awaken The Leader Within You


A Practical 5 Step Guide To Taking Control Of Your Life


In this simple guide to awaken the leader within you, I will share with you five key principles to transforming yourself and creating a positive impact on the world around you. I wish to inspire you to take daily action on yourself to create that lasting change, knowing that you hold the power within you to do just that, which you do, in abundance.


Where Are Leaders Made?


A core human endeavour, whether it seems this way or not, is to help others. The world mid-bends filled with crazy things but we can’t deny our passion to care for others on a deep level. In fact it is the most powerful aspect of what makes a true leader a leader, an unwavering desire to serve.


“If your actions inspire others to dream  more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”

– John Quincy Adams


You must understand that a leader is no fearless, nor someone necessarily at ease or comfortable as he walks the path as a Leader. For real courage is: ‘taking action regardless of how you feel’.

Many leaders start their journey fearful of public speaking for example. But it is their resilience to allow their ‘commitment’ to dictate their actions, not their insecurities. It is that commitment to putting something greater than yourself ahead of your weaknesses, putting a cause and set of principles ahead of your fears that truly defines you.

Always remember – “You Have Greatness Within You.” – Les Brown

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Five Top Tips Of Things Leaders Do Daily


1.Strategic Vision Practice: Every highly successful leader has one thing in common. They know exactly what outcome they seek. They can see, smell and taste it as if it already exists. See the vision of what you wish to manifest and experience it as if it already exists in your world.

Make it positive and make it clear down to the tiny details and work on this practice DAILY until you have manifested it into your existence.

2.Progress Activities: Here you can see the results taking shape. Take specific steps daily to progress with your mission. If that is in business, then this can mean putting your head down with income producing activities. If your purpose is to generate awareness, then your action might be making those phone calls or placing those ads to move your mission forward. Be organized and be determined and never give up.

3.Invest In Yourself: If you’re not growing, then you’re limiting yourself to helping others. Take pride in investing in yourself as an individual and a professional, daily. This may include increasing your self-awareness, enhancing your skills, reading or listening to books and podcasts or watching educational videos.

Practice and implement the useful things from what you have learned so that your body and mind absorb that information which then gives you the power to share it.

4.Masterminding: One of the most powerful and effective ways to increase your motivation, productivity and results long term is to surround yourself with other leaders and mastermind with a powerful circle of influence. Birds of the same feather flock together…who’s your flock?

5.Teach & Inspire: Learn, Do, Teach. Learn, Do, Teach, Learn, Do, Teach: You don’t have to invent anything new to become an asset to the world or your community around you. Great wisdom, knowledge and guidance is bountiful and never more accessible than in today’s world.

Learn positive knowledge which you can share and that helps others to be self-empowered, helps others to take positive action and protects our planet from our own misguided destruction.

Expect leadership from yourself and begin to lead! Even in the simple terms of holding yourself up to your core values, which should be positive aspirations of what your higher self can be. Believe in Yourself!

The first four things above have to do with learning and doing – this final principle represents teaching – giving back to others, serving, providing value – the true act of leadership.

So there you have a great list of Five Things that Leaders Do Daily

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Secrets of a Great Speaker


Thanks for taking interest in this blog. I truly hope that it helps you in finding and walking your path and helping others to do the same.

Cheers Sebastian 🙂

Sebastian is a creative and innovative artist and designer and a new age entrepreneur of our exploding digital age. He is a caring father of his twin daughters Atiya and Caira and loving husband to Beata. He is adept in core digital skills, photography and digital creativity. He is a practitioner of daily Yoga, meditation and inner development and is passionate about learning diverse life skills and transformational personal improvement practices. He has spent many years developing a unique series of active sensory dynamic chairs to contribute to the evolution of the human sitting experience. He is passionate for nature, life and all that which inspires the human spirit to lift up to glorious heights and unite people in Our global enduring quest to sustain this beautiful world for us all to share.