The First Pillar
Building a Habitiat

Building a home environment from the ground-up is huge creative and experiencial journey.

All that was here on the land when we arrived in terms of infrastructure… Was the bore-hole (80m deep)… and bore-hole pump (and what a blessing they are).

To get the pump working we invested in a generator. That was the first real defining act of us taking action towards revitalizing the land here, providing water for the trees and plants.

Then all we have to build is the compost toilet, shower, kitchen, gardens, irrigation system, solar system, pond, beehives, chicken palace

Oh, and a house…

And that’s alongside our Pillars 2 & 3. Our land ‘restoration project’ and our ‘revival sanctuary’.

So there’s a joyful bit to get on with. 🙂


Building an..

Earth Home

There are many ways to build a home.

We like to build natural. That means no cement and minimum plastics etc…

We aim to throw alot of cob (clay, sand and straw mixed together).

It’s going to get messy…