If you’ve ever thought that your business or project would benefit from having a professional and stylish looking website to showcase what you have to offer, then the following short tutorial will guide you through the basic ingredients of what you need in order to make that happen.


My first thought when I first needed a website for our Cloud Bubbles active sitting chair designs was…’Who can we get to build a website for us…


After some searching online and a little trial and error, a week later, we had built our very own professional business website.


A few years now down the line and we have picked up a few more skills and know-how when it comes to website creation.


So if you are just thinking about getting started and would like to know the four essential ingredients of having your own website on the World Wide Web…then this is a great overview tutorial to start you off.


Enjoy and let us know what you think…


Tutorial Duration – 00:04:51


If you found this tutorial of value, then look out for other digital and online skills tutorials in the series to help you boost your potential and create success online.


To your happiness.

Sebastian 🙂



Sebastian is a successful online entrepreneur. Co-founder of LifeByOwnDesign.com and inventor of Cloud Bubbles active sitting chairs.  He lives in Wales with his wife Beata and their twin daughters Atiya and Caira.

His passion is to awaken others to the potential within themselves and the benefits of living a self-empowered life. He has written many articles, a freedom lifestyle ebook and is currently working on a series of digital and online skills tutorials to help spread the knowledge of how to create success online.