Go Beyond Your Limiting Beliefs



“It’s not the events of our lives that shape us,

but our beliefs as to what those events mean.”

– Tony Robbins



What is a belief and how does it affect your identity?


Belief – is the state of mind in which a person thinks something to be the case, with or without there being empirical evidence to prove that something is the case with factual certainty. – Wikipedia



In other words beliefs are statements we say to ourselves that we assume to be true. Most of them are created early in life in the formative years.


They are influenced by people close to us like parents, teachers or friends who induce powerful emotions in us that imprint a certain reality. They are the foundation to our understanding of the world we live in.



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“You must unlearn what you have been programmed to believe since birth.

That software no longer serves you if you want to live

in the world where all things are possible.”

– Jacqueline E. Purcell






Because most of these imprints are programmed in a very early age, they operate at the subconscious level. They become deep gritted guidelines of how things should be or are supposed to be and they affect in tremendous ways our life and our identity.


Now, our beliefs can be resourceful – useful, or limiting – not so useful. If we hold on to the limiting ones we experience a lacking in different spheres of life like health, love, opportunities, money, career and happiness.


So, if our beliefs are not supportive, harmful and ignorance-inducing, they can be identified as limiting. They are misconceptions of the mind that create negative energy, blocks and suffering.




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“Beliefs have the power to create and the power to destroy”

– Tony Robbins





As a child and a teenager I watched my parents work very hard through out all their life for little money. They had a very basic education so they never believed that they could be or have more and this is what they told me too.


So to please my parents and the society I lived by rules and went step by step up the education ladder, thinking that that was the only way to achieve more than my parents ever could. However after three years of university I dropped out and went to Canada to learn English.


I have since traveled to many places in the world, experienced the diversity of traditions and cultures and have met some incredible people. I learned so much more than I could ever learn at university or any kind of school.


Still in spite of all these amazing experiences I used to be quite miserable at times and was most of the time broke. I never believed that I could have more because I didn’t have the right education.


Also when I was growing up my parents argued a lot about money. Everything connected to money was very negative so that was the memory and the feeling I associated with money until not so long ago.


It took time and effort, awareness and transformation. I started recognizing these beliefs as limiting, seeing them as not true and eliminated them step by step from my subconsciousness mind! My life changed profoundly. I feel now genuinely happy and fulfilled and I can enjoy fully all that I have and have achieved so far.



Beata Happy in Ladakh

“It is never too late to be what you might have been”

– George Eliot



It helped a lot knowing many people without a statutory education who are very successful. In fact many successful people have a limited statutory education. They have wisdom, courage, their own experiences of failure and success and strong beliefs in themselves.




By understanding my personal beliefs and their power and knowing that I can change them, I took control and responsibility for my life.



“Every small change at the root level of belief will produce amazing changes

in behavior and performance”

– Harry Alder


How to change your limiting beliefs in four steps?


  • Acknowledge the belief limiting you or holding you back in any way and become strongly aware of it and how it makes you feel.


  • Go back in your mind and see as vividly as possible the circumstances which gave you that belief. Accept that at the time this belief was the best possible choice.


  • Think about all the opportunities that you missed because of this belief. All that you could have done or be if you         wouldn’t have this belief.


  •  Now create in your mind the new desired situation, visualize it as clear as you can, experience it, feel it. Imagine what  it means to you living with this new belief, sense it. Make the unfamiliar familiar for your mind.



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“Many people are passionate, but because

of their limiting beliefs about who they are

and what they can do, they never take actions

that could make their dream a reality.”

– Tony Robbins



Our personal beliefs are the most important aspects of how we have lived and how we will spend the rest of our life.


Make your life an unfolding expression of new and resourceful beliefs because they will help you to create the life you desire.



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Beata  🙂


Beata was born and grew up in Poland. At the age of 21 she moved to Germany and then eight years later to the UK. She is a passionate entrepreneur driven by burning desire to raise awareness about what we are truly capable of as humans and together with like-minded people, create a better sustainable world for the future generations. She is a mother to two beautiful girls, identical twins Atiya and Caira and wife to Sebastian. She is a Holistic Therapist and Kundalini Yoga practitioner. She is intensively learning and implementing healthy nutrition and natural healing in her family life with great success. She loves travelling and exploring new cultures and meeting new people, fascinated by the diversity and beauty in the world. She is extremely dedicated to inspire others to make their dream come true too.