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on the wild open road

No Destination… Just a Map, a Dog and a Dream

We Bought A Van, Left Our Cosy Life And Set Off Across Wild Europe And Beyond In Search Of An Epic Place To Call Home.

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Home Schooling Turned Van Schooling!

Education On The Move

We’ve always passionately believed that mandatory education in school does not fit every child. We’ve chosen to explore alternative ways to allow our daughters to experience, learn and grow in their world. 

It’s not always an easy path, but we believe that our way of life shines a light on a different way to bring up children on this planet.

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Our Mission & Approach

Ever since we became parents, our desire was to live a connected life together as a family.  When our twin daughters Atiya and Caira first went to school, we knew something was missing from our lives and theirs.

We were lucky to have the choice to home educate our girls at that time. Now we want even more for them. We want to give them the world and our dream showed us that venturing out into the world was a magical first step.

We saved up and bought a van, called it ‘Happy’ and have begun our search for a warm community of like minded people that share our values and are happy to co-exist and co-create and little piece of paradise somewhere in a warm place on this beautiful Earth.

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How We Make A Living On The Road In 2020

Crowd-Funding with ‘Patreon’

If you inspire others with your passion or mission, then even a small group of loyal supporters can join you in co-creating a positive contribution in the world.

Crowd-Funding with Patreon is one of the ways that helps us to create more and share more.

Website Design

If you’ve got a skill that you can offer digitally, then you’ve got some leverage to use whilst travelling. Watch one of our videos on how we get plugged into WIFI on the road and then share your service with the world. And if it’s a simple website that you need? Then I’m here to help and you’re welcome to get in touch with me because creating websites is one of my passions 😉 

Dot Painting Rocks

As a family we have fallen in love with dot painting and currently spend wonderful days painting colourful dots in organic and geometric designs on beach rocks.

We collect them on family walks and sit together with or creativity on tap.

Check out our Etsy shop by clicking the link below and have a look at the kind of treasures we create.

Stock Footage

If you’re visiting amazing locations in the world and have an eye for creating videos or taking photographs, then media stock footage websites could be worth checking out for you.

We upload all of our high quality footage to stock websites to create an extra income stream.

We also off free licensing to use any of the content we upload on social media to all of our Patreons as a THANK YOU!

Family Van Life Challenges & Insights

Without challenges, there is no real growth. If we can learn from the obstacles that come before us, then we have something valuable to share with you.

Everything from how we wash and poo in the wild, to how we make videos in hurricane winds. We share the highs and the lows.

What Would Inspire You To Take A Leap Into The Unknown?

One of the biggest things that our followers share with us, is how inspiring our journey is to them.  Venturing out on the road as a family in a little moving home is quite a challenge sometimes. We do it for the experience and to share with others that they can too follow their dreams, even it may seem impossible or far out on the horizon.

We like to hear from our Patreons, what is it that we can share in our videos that resonates with you and that might inspire you or help you get around some blocks that you might have about falling into trust and embarking on a mission that lights you up with the fire of living?

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Whether or not we are the ones who give you that dose of inspiration you’re looking for. We fully believe that there are thousands of worthy creators worth being supported on Patreon. So if you have five minutes to check out some truly great artists bringing their uniqueness to the world, then go ahead and explore. 

Our Videos Are A Great Introduction To Family Van Life

Family life in a space you can’t swing a cat in isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. We try to give you the hard times as well as the good, so that you can learn as much as we do from this crazy way of living! 

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