How To Become Unstoppable In Life And Business

Choosing to be a ‘No Matter What’ person.


Have you ever heard anyone say “If you want to live your dreams, you have to create them first.” or anything similar? Then you would have heard some of the best advice for successful living that there is.

Having clarity on your vision is essential for a successful life.


The more details and a clearer picture you can define and feel within yourself and the more you practice experiencing your vision. The more you will bring your vision and dreams into your reality.

So what has this got to do with becoming a ‘No Matter What’ person and an unstoppable force in your life? And how can a simple change of mindset transform your world?

You may not realize this, but becoming a ‘No Matter What’ person is just like any other life skill, big or small. It comes down to a choice, a decision that we can make in any moment of our life.

The reason why most of us fail to grasp and make that decision is usually down to agreements we have made with ourselves throughout our life. Agreements with ourselves that we are afraid of this and that and therefore dis-empowered to overcome our own obstacles.

Often we will hold back from taking action in moments when we feel inspiration. We put it off for a time when our energy levels will be higher or when we haven’t got those other duties to complete, or that we’ll get around to sometime tomorrow.

Sound familiar?



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So what can we do to change that pattern? How can we overcome our obstacles when our obstacles or mental blocks are the very thing that is stopping us from creating lasting change? How can we break the pattern?

The ‘quick fix’ would seemingly be to simply make the decision to change your thought patterns and stick to it.  In fact countless studies have shown that even the smallest consistent re-programming of our thoughts can dramatically shift our personality over even a short period of time.

Even simply affirming to yourself that you are moving towards a desired way of being consistently for just a few minutes, a few times each day can start to alter your world completely.

Repeating to yourself easy affirmations such as “I’m enjoying moving towards feeling more confident.” And. “This new feeling of confidence is bringing happiness to me.” Or “I am feeling strong and powerful in myself as this feeling of confidence is growing within me.” Can work miracles.

You see, believing that we are something that we have spent a lifetime ‘agreeing’ to ourselves that we are not, is a pretty difficult thing to wrap around our minds.

But consistently suggesting and gently re-programming our thoughts and ‘agreements’ is proven to be life changing.

Give it a try. It can benefit you in any area of your life. Be positive with your statements and follow your intuition. You can do it!

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So, to bring this whole conversation back around and offer you some key tips on how you can become unstoppable in life and business. Enjoy life and follow these simple steps.

1.Visualize your dreams. Dedicate some time to this daily. It doesn’t have to be a lot but do it consistently. See and feel your vision clearly and with beautiful detail. Experience your environments and situations as if you are actually there and experience them with the mindset as if you have already attained those experiences.

Write them down if you wish to, to make them even more visceral and enjoy every moment of your visualizations with a positive energy flowing through you.

2.Be healthy in body and mind. Eat wholesome food, drink pure water and sleep well. Exercise and meditate.

3.Strive to be the best, most loving and caring version of yourself every day.

4.Take these tips 1,2 and 3 seriously and they will give you a great life. Do number 5. as well and you will become unstoppable in life and business.

5.Understand that it is a ‘Leader’s‘ mission in life to serve other people with love and humility. Educate yourself to be a Leader in your life for the benefit of all. Study and practice this each and every day, step by step and you will realize that you live a life with meaning and that you have become unstoppable in all areas of your life experience.

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Choosing to become a ‘No Matter What’ person is a highly valuable characteristic for anyone to have. But for a true Leader it is a ‘way of being’ in life. Seeing the obstacles, hardships, difficulties and sufferings that are inevitable to all of us, not as opportunities to practice negativity, but as an opportunity to learn, to grow and to teach. This is truly inspiring.

You can choose to become a ‘No Matter What’ person right now! and steer your life upon a new path. For that I wish you well.

I’ll leave you with a quote from an audio I heard from Les Brown. A great man who inspires millions of people with his story and words of hope and empowerment. I am so moved by this quote each time I hear it and it is so relevant of becoming a ‘No Matter What’ person that I am truly joyful to share it with you. He said:

“The most powerful motivational speeches I have ever heard, came from people who told me I couldn’t do something. Because when they told me I couldn’t do something, I was bound and determined to show them that I could.” – Les Brown



Thank you for reading this post. I genuinely hope that you received something positive from it. I wish you all courage, success and happiness in life.

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Enjoy life 🙂




Sebastian Bio Image BeataSebastian is a creative and innovative artist and designer and a new age entrepreneur of our exploding digital age. He is a caring father of his twin daughters Atiya and Caira and loving husband to Beata. He is adept in core digital skills, photography and digital creativity. He is a practitioner of daily Yoga, meditation and inner development and is passionate about learning diverse life skills and transformational personal improvement practices. He has spent many years developing a unique series of active sensory dynamic chairs to contribute to the evolution of the human sitting experience. He is passionate for nature, life and all that which inspires the human spirit to lift up to glorious heights and unite people in Our global enduring quest to sustain this beautiful world for us all to share.