How your beliefs impact your health.


“The mind and the body are like parallel universes. Anything that happens in the mental universe must leave tracks in the physical one.

– Deepak Chopra


To understand the connection between body and mind we have to understand, that unlike the Darwinian evolution theory, it is rather that organisms always match their environment and change when the environment changes.

So instead of being controlled by natural selection of the strongest and from inheritance. We are controlled by our perception of the environment, which are our beliefs. Because the beliefs are connected to the genes, they have the power to over-write them and adapt to them.

(Genetic defects affect only about 5% of the population.)


DNA Impact NeW

“The body achieves what the mind believes”





Now, because physical matter, every atom and molecule, emits and absorbs energy, the energy in the environment can activate all of the main functions of the cell. And so, everything vibrates in a certain frequency and is connected with each other through electromagnetic field.


That’s why every cell in our body can behave in two ways. One is GROWTH when the cell moves forward in a supportive environment. The second is PROTECTION – moving backwards in a protective environment.


To keep a healthy body we need balance of growth and protection. The amount of energy put into protection can’t be greater than the energy spend for growth, as the requirement of the system is constant growth. The more energy we use for protection the more balance is disturbed. So the more protection we require or we think that we do, then less growth we start to accommodate.



Baby and Father Impact NeW

Love is the maximum nourishment for growth and health. 


“When the mind is brought into harmony, it will heal the physical body.”




In a stressful situation for instance or fear bound, the fight and flight effect is being released. The pituitary gland also known as master gland receives a signal to protect. The growth mechanism is shut down instantly. The somatic system suppresses the visceral system. Blood is squeezed into muscles and bones, arms and legs, to make us ready to run or fight. All our energy goes into that.



Man Angry Impact NeW

Our immune system uses lots of energy to protect us against diseases and as long as we keep balance, the opportunistic organisms are not supported and can’t thrive. However, when exposed to constant chronic stress, not only that our cells can’t grow. But being low on energy, the harmful organisms take advantage. That’s when we get sick.



“A successful therapy requires harmony of the physical and psychological functions in order to achieve a restoration of the body in it’s entirety.”

– Dr. Max Gerson, MD



To stay healthy and regulate the stress, we need to adapt and change/rewrite our genes. It can be done by changing our beliefs.


John Cairns brought first this theory of adaptive mutation to academic attention in the 1980s.


It stated that rather than mutations and evolution being random, they are happening in response to specific environmental signals.


(Which means that evolution was not an accident but rather created by shaping and adapting.) 


Because specific organs and tissues in the body are connected to the belief, specific stresses affect specific portion of the body. If we understand which portion is affected, then we can deal with that emotions which are realising that stress.



“Ones your mindset changes, everything on the outside

will change along with it.”

– Steve Maraboli




Brain Power Impact NeW

Beliefs are created in the brain and they adjust the body to match them. As the brain waves are transmitted into the environment, so the beliefs are transmitted into the environment and impact not only us but also those people that we are closest to.





We are powerful beyond anything we can imagine but we have to recognise our personal responsibility for everything in our life.


Being Of Light Impact NeW

“Be careful how you are talking to yourself because you are listening.”

– Lisa M. Hayes





By watching our thoughts, which are like tuning fork which resonate with the environment, creating events and shaping our future, we can change our beliefs almost instantly and so take control of our life and health.


Source: Bruce Lipton Ph.D. – The biology of beliefs, epigenetics and quantum physics.


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