Know Where Your Heart Thrives

How a community can inspire your life.


It’s a powerful thing to feel emotionally moved right?


Overtaken by the emotional states that lift us up to dizzy heights. Inspiring us to not only love life, but to challenge ourselves to be better human beings.


I’ve heard them described as ‘highs’ or ‘peak experiences’. Sometimes they feel like a ..wwhooosh…. through your body, a feeling of ecstasy, probably some kind of biological chemical kicking into our brain.


Powerful states induced by beautiful songs, emotional stories or something shared that has the power to awaken us to something quite profound.


These are wonderful feelings to experience, to feel moved in this way, humbled and motivated to take action in our lives for the higher service of helping others.


Inspired to want to help the world to be a fairer and more loving place.


Picture-of-Earth NeW


I have the rare privilege in my life of feeling inspired and experiencing these high states almost every day.


I also believe that each and every one of us can lift ourselves up and allow ourselves to be lifted up each and every day. To touch the sky and feel the ..wwhooosh.. to inspire others, whatever our lot-in-life.


Six months ago I was lucky enough to find a community of like minded people to connect with. That’s a rare and precious thing and the beautiful core similarity that this group of special people from all over the world have is this:


Beata-and-Almu-on-the-March NeWThat each and every one of us wishes to share and inspire that which helps each other to live a bigger, happier and more fulfilled lives. It feels like a collective mission to support and motivate each others’ journey and to do so with absolute genuinity of heart.


I’ve never actually come across anything like that in my life before and it is truly humbling.


One night I listened to my wife bravely express our story to a crowd of people in the community that she had never met before. She showed a self-empowered courage in a way that was incredibly moving, largely inspired by the community she was sharing her memories and emotions so vulnerably with, and she was offered a safe and loving environment to share her heart with. It was truly a beautiful moment to witness.


It’s also empowering to put yourself in a position of receiving guidance from inspiring people.


Leaders who have committed themselves to the practice of helping, motivating and serving others with their knowledge, wisdom and skills, just as is offered with this very same community.


Two of the most powerful realizations which spring to mind. Two key understandings which you can take away from all this are:


  • That it is our Choice, our Responsibility and our Opportunity to put ourselves in environments which nurture the qualities which lead to a more empowered and fulfilled self.

    It is necessary to surround ourselves with like-minded positive inspiring people if we want to grow and be inspiring to others.


  • Understanding that to lift others up, we don’t have to know everything, be an expert on anything or even be competent in life at all.

    We just need to reach out and help the person who has fallen or is struggling in life behind us.


    We are all somewhere on the path, let’s help each other.


So let us know your thoughts. Please Share this post below if you enjoyed it.


Reach out and connect with us, we are here to help.


And if you would like any further info on our community and the education system that we are members of, then please get in touch and we can assist you in that also.


Thank you 🙂

You are Amazing!

To your success and happiness.

Sebastian :)


Sebastian Bio Image BeataSebastian is a creative and innovative artist and designer and a new age entrepreneur of our exploding digital age. He is a caring father of his twin daughters Atiya and Caira and loving husband to Beata. He is adept in core digital skills, photography and digital creativity. He is a practitioner of daily Yoga, meditation and inner development and is passionate about learning diverse life skills and transformational personal improvement practices. He has spent many years developing a unique series of active sensory dynamic chairs to contribute to the evolution of the human sitting experience. He is passionate for nature, life and all that which inspires the human spirit to lift up to glorious heights and unite people in Our global enduring quest to sustain this beautiful world for us all to share.