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By visiting our Patreon page and becoming one of our Patreon members, you’ll be supporting us in spreading the word in the world about living a connected family life and celebrating the new world of people and families striving to return to more natural ways of living.

You’ll be an important part of protecting nature’s miraculous gifts and be supporting our efforts in creating a sanctuary of healing and natural wisdom to be passed onto future generations.

Patreon.com is super trusted worldwide and used by over 10,000 creators. Our Patreon Membership starts at as little as the price of an ice-cream cone each month (with ice-cream inside obviously). 

What friend wouldn’t want to swing that? 😉

( All our Patreon members have access to our full library of over 50 videos and growing, that paint a portrait of how we live and learn in our life on the land. )

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Why become one of our Patreons?

Well, if you’re family or a family friend, then this is a beautiful chance to see us and experience our life here in some small way.

All the videos we make, paint a portrait of our life. What we get up to, how we spend our days, the things we create and the special moments we share.

And if you’re exploring how a family like ours live.

Living off-grid. Building from the ground up with no experience. Learning along the way. Home educating our daughters.

Then this is a beautiful opportunity for you to learn along with us and perhaps we can inspire you and your own children in seeing that there are families living in all kinds of ways.

And that everything is a still possible.

Just have a look at our Three Pillars in the MENU of this website to learn more about what we are creating here…