The Second Pillar
Restoration Project

We believe that there is enough abundance in the world for everyone. That’s not to say that the world is not exhausted with inequality and far too many people without access to even basic human needs like water, food or clean air.  There are many ongoing global issues that need attention and action.

But one of our personal core beliefs is that on a global scale, there IS enough to go around. Enough land, enough food, enough water, enough resources. This is the story we give energy to and that we wish to move towards.

That’s why we believe that projects which revitalize and restore health back to natural environments to help them thrive for future generations are so important for this earth at this time on the planet.

Why is Restoration important for the land?
For many years the land here has been primarily used as a monoculture of olive orchards with about 150 of these beautiful, enduring and protected trees spread out across the hillside and terraces.
Over the decades, the farmers of this land have cared for these trees and protect the land from seasonal fires by scraping the soil between the trees to keep the vegetation to a minimum.
Many years of this invasive practice have allowed the soil to become eroded and rocky and has limited the nutrients needed to make rich, lasting and fertile soil here for the future health of the land and generations to come.
One of our core missions as custodians of the land here, is to bring life back to the soil and to introduce a diverse and abundant variety of trees and plants to colour this sanctuary of the world with the fruits of nature. This will give much needed vitality and nutrition back to the land.
It will also offer an high energetic abundance of life-force, nutritional and healing qualities from the hundreds of companion species we are planting for those who come and visit and experience this magical place for themselves.