The Third Pillar
Revival Santuary

A foundational part of our ‘big dream’ is to establish a place of healing on this beautiful planet. We think that most would agree that this is a time of great change on earth and the challenges that accompany these rapid changes can bring a disbalance in ourselves, undue stresses and disconnection from our innate natural vibrations.

By establishing a collection of sacred spaces on the land here, we provide natural cocoons for individuals to come and have a safe and tranquil place to recieve healing, both from their natural abilities to heal, as well as to recieve healing sessions from practioners.

Each space is unique and range from a shelter to sleep and eat, to simple meditation platforms benieth a tree. Every space is adorned with natural art pieces such as mandalas, wind-chimes, dreamcatchers, organic stulptures, crystals, flowers and plants. They are spaces to feel calm, in balance and at peace.

A Collection of Unique Shelters & Sacred Spaces

Revival Retreat &


Imagine yourself walking barefoot silently beside a gently flowing stream. You feel the calm and balanced here in the surroundings of nature. You are held by the enchantment of this place. You know that you have found the sanctuary you need and are ready to heal and revitalize your spirit, your body and your mind.


We use nature to create sculptures for each of the sacred spaces that we are building here on the land. Every magical corner of this land holds it’s own special energy and we honor these sacred spots with beautiful natural ornaments to energetically define those spaces.

Each shelter or space is like a protected cocoon of energy, a place to rest peacefully, experience a healing session, meditate, nourish the body, balance the mind and connect with your spirit.

Have An Exclusive Peek Into Our World


We hope that by video-documenting our actions, we can offer a broader perspective to other families that it is possible to explore living alternative ways of life together if they wish to.

That it’s not out of the relm of possibility to take a leap and lean into trust, to not be attached to the outcome and embrace the gifts that come.

All of our videos are exclusive to our Patreon members.

By documenting our efforts, trials, achievements and the challenges we face along the way, we hope to give inspiration and useful insights to anyone who resonates with this unfolding story.