Communication with your subscribers, customers, prospects, fans and potential members of your business or project is the cornerstone of any successful enterprise.


When home computers came along last century, many short-sighted naysayers stuck firmly to their beliefs that this type of technology had no place in the homes of modern society.


Similarly when email popped up out of the blue, many people thought “I’ll never use it!”


Today, common technology enables people even with very low budgets to create large lists of subscribers and prospects and communicate with them automatically whilst you sleep.


This has powerful consequences and can act like rocket-fuel for your business or project if you understand the basics and implement The Magic Of Automated Emails – Autoresponders, into your online endeavors.


If that sounds interesting, then you can expand your knowledge with this short tutorial on the basics of Autoresponders.


Tutorial Duration – 00:07:54


If you found this tutorial of value, then look out for other digital and online skills tutorials in the series to help you boost your potential and create success online.


To your happiness.

Sebastian 🙂



Sebastian is a successful online entrepreneur. Co-founder of and inventor of Cloud Bubbles active sitting chairs.  He lives in Wales with his wife Beata and their twin daughters Atiya and Caira.

His passion is to awaken others to the potential within themselves and the benefits of living a self-empowered life. He has written many articles, a freedom lifestyle ebook and is currently working on a series of digital and online skills tutorials to help spread the knowledge of how to create success online.