~  “It’s not for me, too difficult.”  She said.   “I’m not a rocket scientist! It’s too late…”  She went on with her self limiting story for a while and then took a break to swish the last of her creamy coffee.

Then she gathered her coat and bag and complained about having a job she didn’t like and how she was probably going to be late again.

I sat quietly as she headed for the door but as she turned to wave goodbye, I bellowed some parting words across the cafe. “Fulfillment is worth it!”

She put on her confused face as if she had no idea what I was talking about and didn’t have the time to find out.

So I bellowed again. “Living a truly fulfilled life, your One life. It’s worth making the effort, right! It’s worth every effort…it’s your amazing dream Joan.”  ~

Many people think developing themselves, learning new skills and actually living their best life is beyond reach for them.

Some people are asleep to change and growth. Some people are scared to make a break from their comfort zone. Most people think they’re not enough.

You Are Enough.

I remember the time of my life when it really clicked. Realizing that personal growth is worth my time, realizing that if I want to have a positive impact on my family and the world, that it’s going to take my effort, ups and downs and a purposeful intention.

The great news was, that as soon as I made that decision to transition, learn new skills, create success and step into that journey of self-empowerment. I found out that there was a whole world of priceless information and amazing people to help me on my way.


And that no skill, ability or achievement is beyond our reach.


It’s just a matter of effort and openness.

I finally understood that my family and the beautiful perilous world is well worth that effort.

Enjoy this Tutorial. I hope that it gives you a stepping stone of understanding on your own amazing journey.

..Oh…the Tutorial it’s about how you can earn a sustainable income, whilst living almost anywhere on the planet.


Tutorial Duration:  00:11.09

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To your happiness.

Sebastian 🙂


Sebastian is a successful online entrepreneur. Co-founder of LifeByOwnDesign.com and inventor of Cloud Bubbles active sitting chairs.  He lives in Wales with his wife Beata and their twin daughters Atiya and Caira.

His passion is to awaken others to the potential within themselves and the benefits of living a self-empowered life. He has written many articles, a freedom lifestyle ebook and is currently working on a series of digital and online skills tutorials to help spread the knowledge of how to create success online.