Website and Blog Creation The Easy Way (Part 2)

A Guide To Leveraging Your WebBlog and Creating Abundance Online


How To Make Your WebBlog Work For You!


Great! Welcome back. I’m happy that you’ve found part one of this blog helpful!

In this part I will share with you top tips on some essential tools you will need to profit from all the hard work you’ve done in creating your WebBlog and content.

If you’d also like to learn some essential skills on marketing online, I will help you with this as well.

So…here we go…

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Before I get into my 5 top tips for making your WebBlog ‘Work’ for ‘You’, I will share with you a key piece of advice that will serve you very well not just in your business or projects, but in your life too.

Provide Value To Others


Yes! Providing positive value for others is the cornerstone of success. In fact if you’re coming from a place of ‘service to others’ in life generally, then it’s pretty much universal law, that good things will be returned to you.

This is all good news because it means that it’s in your power to manifest your good fortune and you can use that knowledge to motivate you limitlessly.

What does this mean in a practical sense?


Giving, sharing and helping others to find their way to happiness, self-empowerment, success or freedom from suffering is ‘providing value’. This can be as simple as sharing a natural healthy remedy for an upset tummy to dancing with your friends to bring happiness into the world. Offer and share your positive self for the benefit of others and you will find that life becomes richer.

That said…Now for:

My Top Five Tips on How To Make Your WebBlog Work For You!


1.Build your list using – Building a list of your subscribers, fans, followers and people who like your stuff and what you do is one of the most fundamental things you need to do to be successful.

It is essential to build your list and be able to effectively and automatically connect with your subscribers. Aweber is fantastic for this, it’s a technically world-class platform and highly regarded by the masses.

2.Use opt-in boxes – This enables you to provide value to your visitors and continue providing value even after your visitor has left your WebBlog, with their permission of course.

A simple e.mail can build a relationship that lasts a lifetime and can help your business, project or passion grow one person at a time. Opt-in Boxes are fantastic Call’s-To-Action and it’s unthinkable to miss them out on your WebBlog.

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3.Create your landing pages with – Creating simple, high converting opt-in pages, sales pages, thank you pages and a whole lot more will dramatically improve how many people go for your offer, what ever that may be. Simple Lead Capture gives you simple click control over all the template elements and they have a vast range of templates at your disposal.

4.Track your progress with Google Analytics & – Tracking who is coming into your WebBlog and what they are doing when they are on your site is highly useful information for planning what are your strategy. Google Analytics will give you huge amounts of data for free. Hotjar works a bit differently, it produces heatmaps which show your visitors clicks and scrolling and can also record and playback your visitor’s actions.

5.Use Amazing Plugins for WordPress – If you’ve hosted your WebBlog with as I recomended in my previous blog post – Website and Blog Creation The Easy Way A Step-By-Step Guide To Starting Your WebBlog From Scratch, then you’ll be using WordPress. If not – Use WordPress! It’s awesome!

For this last top tip I’ll give you a list of a few great plugins that will do wonders for your online efforts as you branch out and thrive in the new digital era.


So there you go…some super top tips for taking your business, brand or impassioned project to the next level.

As promised I can guide you to some Free Training which would benefit you in all areas of your success, both online with your digital skills, marketing mastery and also personal development training to improve your success in life.

You can access the training through the Get Started button and it’s all free, no-obligations, no worries and you’ll receive some great bonus stuff from us as well, enjoy.

Thanks for checking out our blog, hope that you found it useful.

Have a really fantastic day and remember to do something good for someone else, it will swing back to you like a boomerang.

Cheers Sebastian 🙂

Sebastian is a creative and innovative artist and designer and a new age entrepreneur of our exploding digital age. He is a caring father of his twin daughters Atiya and Caira and loving husband to Beata. He is adept in core digital skills, photography and digital creativity. He is a practitioner of daily Yoga, meditation and inner development and is passionate about learning diverse life skills and transformational personal improvement practices. He has spent many years developing a unique series of active sensory dynamic chairs to contribute to the evolution of the human sitting experience. He is passionate for nature, life and all that which inspires the human spirit to lift up to glorious heights and unite people in Our global enduring quest to sustain this beautiful world for us all to share.