What Is Real Success? And How To Attain It…


What does ‘Success’ really mean?


Having a respected job in a reputable field with handful of high education in the pocket?


What about the paycheck and position on the pecking order? They seem to confidently steer the traditional view of ‘who has achieved Success.’ Or not.



Then there is Vishen Lakhiani, one of many humanity healers who are currently challenging and evolving human misconceptions. Vishen would probably call this particular misconception a BRULE, a ‘Bull-s*#t RULE.’


And man would he make an awesome point. I mean comm’on! we’re cleverer than that right. We’re deeper than that, we’re much more soulful, even on the dark days.


Witness the grand awakening happening right now all around the world. It’s like butterflies taking off and it’s a beautiful thing to see our humanity warriors waking us up.


And I’m not just talking about Vishen. There are literally billions of shiny happy people on missions to better the world. We just often don’t have the right guidance to do our ‘world saving’ very consistently, knowledgeably and most importantly…together.




This is really why LifeByOwnDesign.com was started. We are also people on a mission to inspire and motivate others to live their best life. Where ‘Best life’ ultimately means a ‘better life’ for everyone.


Because when we humans empower ourselves through taking action from the right education, we have more power and passion to help others around us, close and far.


We don’t have to live our lives by the bad ideas anymore. All the cats have escaped from the bag. Running around chasing the butterflies, sure. But the butterflies can Fly.



We know that REAL Success does not lye in the bed of a job pursued for status and financial gains.


Obviously Success is closer en-wrapped with the positive fulfillment of Life, born from pursuing things that we are genuinely passionate about and things that have a positive effect on humanity and the planet.


We’ve seen it in a thousand movies and we feel it in our core. We are inspired by those who follow their dreams and we are drawn to those whom live an authentic life, who stay true to their heart. It clearly doesn’t matter what position they hold or how much money they have in the bank.


There is no pride or success in earning millions off of the suffering of others and damaged caused to the soil and the sky. There are no successes in medals created by war, and for the businessman who chooses the lofty heights at the top of the ladder but forgets to take his family with him to experience the view. There is no REAL Success in that.




Love thrives from connection. Fulfillment thrives from a positive mission. Happiness thrives from the moment to moment choice to Be Happy and Success. Well Success is You ultimately deciding to walk the path of Becoming your Best self.


And this is done through education, determination and love.



So let me ask you this… “What kind of Success have You spent your ‘life so far’ pursuing?


If you feel that it’s not a very soulful kind of Success you’ve been seeking, then “Do you think there could be another way?” You already know that it’s never too late. One Love, One Life, that’s it One. One Chance to live our Best life.


Thank you for reading our blog post.


Hope that it gave you good feeling and motivation.

To your REAL Success and Happiness.