You are what you eat


Are you aware of all the incredible benefits of eating healthy clean food?


It not only reduces the risk for heart disease, cancer and diabetes. It also boosts your immunity, helps you sleep better, increases the ability to concentrate and magnifies your energy levels.


All in all a clean nutritious diet is one of the most important factors on the way to success.





Yesterday was for us a “veg box day”. Every Wednesday we go to our local health food shop where we pick up the pre-ordered fresh organic fruit and vegetables. Such a treat! 🙂





I love bringing it all home, and think about all these great healthy meals I will be preparing for the whole family.


I know, you might think that you are too busy to worry about that, too tired and too stressed. I understand, I’ve been there.



I grew up on a tasty but rather unbalanced diet. For a bigger part of my life I had no idea what a huge distinction it can make on the way I felt. I only started looking into and researching different choices, since our girls were born. And it triggered an absolutely outstanding change.




You don’t have to turn around all your lifestyle and habits in one go. Take it step by step.

Here are few simple ways to eat just a little healthier. To feel more balanced, energised and happier every day:


  • Start your day with a glass of warm lemon water – to cleanse and alkalise your body. 
  • Drink heaps of water through out the day – keep hydrated as it helps the energy flow through your body.
  • Reduce sugar, diary and gluten – they make you heavy and tired as the body uses up lots of energy to digest them.
  • Eat at least two servings a day of fresh fruit – look out for the “dirty dozen” – that’s the most contaminated produce with the highest pesticide residues.
  • Try to keep always the 80% vegetables to 20% protein balance with your meals – make sure it is a good protein, avoid red meat (ideally only once a week or less).
  • Replace white bleached rice with brown rice – it has much more fibre.
  • Keep away from fried food – they are empty calories with zero nutrients, that increase your fat intake and clog your arteries. Also most of the oils used for frying are becoming toxic when heated.
  • Eat as much as possible leafy greens – they are packed with the necessary nutrients for a healthy body and mind. Some of them are: iron, folic acid, Vitamin K, Vitamin C, potassium and magnesium.
  • Include in your diet fermented foods – they are full of beneficial enzymes and probiotics. The fermentation process preserves the nutrients and makes food more digestible. 
  • If you feel like snacking, try instead of crisps or cookies, a handful of pre-soaked raw nuts and seeds. 6 pre-soaked almonds a day deliver a massive amount of nutrients and are proven to lower blood sugar levels, reduce blood pressure and lower cholesterol levels.  
  • Avoid all highly processed, canned, frozen and microwaved foods – these are “dead” foods that accelerate ageing and weaken your immune system.



Honestly, I could just keep going with this list for much longer. But maybe for now, to take it slowly, that’s just something to start with.


If you try to include in your daily diet only a few of these things, you will already notice a difference in the way you feel and how you function.


There is a good reason in saying: YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT.



What you put into your body affects you tremendously. Your physical health as well as your feelings, your emotions, your energy levels and the way you react and deal with different circumstances. As such, it plays a vital role in your journey to success.



I hope that you enjoyed reading this article and that it helps to guide in the direction of better health, overall happiness and prosperity.





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Thank you,

Beata 🙂


Me-with-the-girlsBeata was born and grew up in Poland. At the age of 21 she moved to Germany and then eight years later to the UK. She is a passionate entrepreneur driven by burning desire to raise awareness about what we are truly capable of as humans and together with like-minded people, create a better sustainable world for the future generations. She is a mother to two beautiful girls, identical twins Atiya and Caira and wife to Sebastian. She is a Holistic Therapist and Kundalini Yoga practitioner. She is intensively learning and implementing healthy nutrition and natural healing in her family life with great success. She loves travelling and exploring new cultures and meeting new people, fascinated by the diversity and beauty in the world. She is extremely dedicated to inspire others to make their dream come true too.